Custom Genomics



VIALAGOx is proud to introduce custom genomics services (sequencing and bioinformatics). With our extensive experience in sequencing technology and bioinformatics, we can help you dig deep into your genomic data in order to extract the most biologically meaningful results. We can analyze high throughput data from any platform including Sanger, 454, Solid and Illumina. We use R packages (DEseq, edgeR and Bayseq) for statistical analysis. In addition, we can perform functional analyses using software developed in-house and open source software such as MetaCore, Cytoscape, and R/Bioconductor. Depending on your analysis needs, we will create an analysis pipeline just for you!

1.Sequencing services

  • * Complete genome
  • * RNA-Seq
  • * Whole Exome
  • * Gene Panels
  • * Pre-clinical services
  • * Chip-Seq
  • * Small RNA
  • * Metagenomic
  • * SNPs

2.Bioinformatics Analysis

  • * Functional Analyses
  • Genome reconstruction
  • Pathway Enrichment Analysis
  • Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis
  • MetaCore Network Analysis
  • miRNA - Target Gene Prediction Service
  • Integrated analysis of mRNA and microRNA Expression
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • * Custom Annotation and Database Integration
  • Conversion and annotation of gene and protein IDs
  • Database Link & Integration
  • Batch Alignment Service

3. Other Services

  • Probe Design
  • Cross-platform Analysis
  • Customized Analysis

4. Platforms

  • Illumina MiSeq, HiSeq2000 and HiSeq2500
  • Ion Torrent
  • PacBIO RS
  • 454 FLX Titanium
  • ABI 3500

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